Portal Features

Fully-Featured, Automated Event Platform

Cloud Kickoffs™ has features to customize & brand the platform,  manage & engage  attendees, manage sessions, create virtual booths and run reports.

Add sessions including information to access the conferencing platform.  Sign up and sessions are added to the attendee calendar with email reminders to attend.  Sessions automatically get added to the agenda page.

Attendees access the dashboards with links to discussion forums, bookmarked content, the agenda, speaker page, event calendar and more.  Add  text & graphics, banners or videos to increase attendee interest and direct their focus.

Launch  email outreach to  promote interest in the kickoff and keep attendees engaged.  Automated site messages welcome attendees, remind them to login, and notify them when they need to take action.

Forums allow attendees to ask questions, share ideas and suggest strategies.  Forums can be managed by the event host with a daily digest email  to updated attendees about forum discussions..

Create virtual booths for sponsors and partners  that manage them and add graphics and content. Live chat, meeting calendars, networking lounges and contact forms engage attendees and capture their information.

Customize an exhibit hall and navigate the attendee to the virtual booths, sessions, networking lounges, speaker profiles or back to their personalized dashboard.  Use one of our designs or customize your own.

Use CloudPoints™ to award attendees points for activity and engagement during the kickoff and let sponsors & partners join in.  Use points for contests, raffles and prizes to increase the fun factor.

The CRM holds data on attendees, sponsors, and users.  The API allows an external CRM to be connected to the Cloud Kickoffs  portal to automatically add and manage attendees.

Create custom directories of  sponsors, sessions,  and content and them to web pages on the portal home page,  in the attendee dashboard or inside of a virtual booth.  Add an attendee directory for people to exchange information and message.

Embed  meeting calendars inside of sponsor booths for attendees to schedule meetings.  Add a meeting directly to the attendee's calendar, notify them it's there  and remind them to attend with email and text outreaches.

Cloud Kickoffs has detailed reports that analyze attendee activity, email  performance and virtual booth views and interactions.  Standard reports can be customized and downloaded to a CSV or Excel file for further analysis.

Use the API to connect an external platform to the Cloud Kickoffs platform to add attendees from an external system and update their data.  Allow attendees to go back and forth between platforms with a single sign on.