Engage Your Team

Register for Live Sessions

The Cloud Kickoffs platform lets attendees register for live sessions, adds them to a personalized attendee calendar and delivers email reminders. Use any webinar technology to deliver sessions or the fully-integrated Zoom Video Webinar platform to automatically schedule sessions, deliver personalized meeting links and provide post-session reports on attendance.

Join the Discussion

Engage attendees in conversations with a customized attendee discussion forum. Create discussion categories and provide separate forums based on attendee type. Monitor the forum and respond to conversations. Create a forum digest email to recap the activity inside the forum and deliver it to your attendees every day.

View On Demand Content & Education

Create a content library of recorded videos, articles and training for attendees to access on demand. Record live sessions and upload the MP4 videos to the platform for individuals that could not attend the live session. Use the advanced video analytics to see who viewed sessions and how long they watched.

Compete, Earn Cloud Points, Win Prizes

When attendees navigate the Cloud Kickoffs platform, they can earn points when they engage with content, register for sessions, take surveys, or interact with sponsors. Use CloudPoints™ to create a content, hold a raffle, award prizes and allow sponsors to have a points budget for virtual swag.

Connect & Communicate

Look up other attendees and sponsors in the directory and send one on one messages to connect with them. Embed the 1 on 1 chat functionality throughout a Cloud Kickoffs portal for sponsors to chat with attendees from their virtual booth or attendees to chat with each other as they see who is online.

Join Networking Lounges, Breaks, Parties

Use video conferencing to help attendees go social. Offer networking lounges and coffee breaks throughout the day, allowing attendees to jump into smaller groups, discuss hot topics and return to the main session room to share ideas. Hold cocktail parties, trivia contests, music sessions and more to keep the fun and social opportunities alive.