The Benefits

Align the Organization

Help employees navigate an uncertain environment because of the effects of the pandemic, a totally virtual work environment and new strategies needed to engage prospects and customers. Cloud Kickoffs align the entire sales organization around the strategic direction of the company to achieve the right business result for the upcoming year.

Give the Team Something to Look Forward to

Sales teams and remote employees need to feel connected and part of the team. Cloud Kickoffs gives employees something to look forward to by reconnecting them with their teammates, having opportunities to share their challenges and strategies, getting training and guidance and having access to the rewards, competition and fun.

Foster and Grow Relationships

There is nothing more powerful than connecting over a shared experience. Cloud Kickoffs give your team ways to connect in discussion forums, networking lounges, 1 on 1 chat messages, roundtable discussions and social events. Create relationships virtually and keep them going throughout the year.

Deliver and Reinforce Critical Training

Create a menu of live and on-demand training sessions that you deliver at your Cloud Kickoffs event. Enrich the training experience by involving your team in panel discussions, product demos, and case studies. Record each session and embed it on the platform for the team to watch on-demand. Deliver certifications and continuing education.

Extend the Experience

Your Cloud Kickoffs portal stays online and available throughout the year, offering extended access to training, sessions and content. Reinforce critical concepts by delivering smaller virtual events and regional meetings throughout the year with updated educational content, team interaction and training.

Achieve a Powerful ROI

Cloud Kickoffs are delivered at a fraction of the cost of a live event by eliminating the expense of travel, hotels and entertainment. Keep the team in the field so they can stay closer to home and the customer yet still attend the virtual kickoff meeting. An aligned organization is better positioned to give you the sales results you need.